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    Industries in transition

    With topics around urban transformation, energy transition, the future of transport and critical infrastructure across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, this content series will unearth fresh trends and showcase how we are supporting clients in the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Latest insights

Industries in transition: Meet the CSO

This series of dialogues with various CSOs from different industries will delve into the strategic shifts that are happening in their world, and their personal insights and perspectives in navigating their companies to achieving net zero.

Podcast series

A look at the challenges, triumphs and lessons learned as businesses drive change to build a sustainable future.


Industries in transition podcast: Seaweed is making waves

How is seaweed farming making waves in sustainability and is there enough scale to have a material impact on climate change? In this episode, hear about role that seaweed can play in the fight against global warming and the associated investment opportunities.
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Navigating the path to a just energy transition

Energy companies face a dual challenge – they must decarbonise whilst managing increased demand from emerging and developing economies. In this podcast, ACWA Power’s Marco Arcelli, Petronas’ Charlotte Wolff-Bye and Standard Chartered’s Wan Thonh Chow share insights into how they are navigating the challenges and opportunities the energy transition presents.

Clean tech

We are working alongside key players in the hard-to-abate sectors such as oil and gas and metals and mining, finding opportunities and funding projects for industries to diversify and shift towards new economy sectors.

Sujay Shah
Managing Director and Global Head, Cleantech Coverage

Metals and mining

The financial community has an instrumental role to play in moving carbon-intensive sectors like mining and steelmaking towards more sustainable practices, and helping clients explore energy transition opportunities.

Richard Horrocks-Taylor
Global Head, Metals & Mining

Commercial real estate

Given our institutional footprint across both developing and developed markets, we are well-placed to support our clients globally in understanding how best to approach the green real estate boom.

James Cameron
Global Head of Commercial Real Estate, Standard Chartered

Oil and gas

We’re supporting the oil and gas sector in the transition to net zero and financing clients in emerging markets where the transition to cleaner energy is a critical part of their journey.

Alok Sinha
Global Head of Oil & Gas and Chemicals
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The role of the capital markets in driving the energy transition

The energy transition has not only created a paradigm shift in the sources of energy supply, but it has also instigated a holistic reconsideration of the methods and processes of the financial sector when deploying capital. 

Critical infrastructure

Green data: making the cloud more sustainable

As internet traffic surges, data centres are turning to finance for sustainability solutions.