Business Innovation Series

Assisting treasurers to deliver effective business solutions through innovative insights.

Discover how to transform your treasury management.

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Accelerating trade digitisation in a post-COVID world

Trade and trade finance have seen an acceleration of change as digitisation of trade flows becomes essential to the continuity of business. Look at how the shifts in attitudes, collaboration, innovation and adoption will bring change to corporations, banks, supply chain partners and governments.

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Optimising cash and liquidity in the new world

Treasurers have proved resourceful, proactive and often pre-emptive in supporting their organisations, allowing them to think ahead to a new post-crisis cash and liquidity environment. See how the role of a treasurer will change in a digital world and how to prepare for it.

Embracing values-driven investment

Sustainable finance reflects a new way of investing, bringing money and purpose together and helping treasurers to invest cash and build resilient supply chains in line with their values. Review how clients can achieve their own sustainability objectives and use financing as a catalyst of greater sustainability across ecosystems.

Embracing a digital mindset for innovation and transformation

Exploring and realising the potential of digitisation involves embracing a new mindset which applies digital technologies to activities and learning different ways of working. Discover how this approach will be key to maintaining efficiency, agility and competitive advantage in a digital age.

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