Industries in transition

With topics around urban transformation, energy transition, the future of transport and critical infrastructure across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, this content series will unearth fresh trends and showcase how we are supporting clients in the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Accelerating to net zero

"As the effects of climate change are growing ever more threatening, they are also challenging us to innovate, unlock new routes to net zero and foster the acceleration of sustainable development; all of which creates a significant opportunity for the financial sector to respond.”

Marisa Drew
Chief Sustainability Officer

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“We want to help accelerate the world to net zero by supporting our clients achieve our collective goals on transitioning.”

Chow Wan Thonh
Global Head, Global Industries Group

Building sustainable infrastructure with private capital

What role does private capital play in sustainable infrastructure and net zero cities?

The critical role of circular economies in achieving net zero

To realise net zero targets and achieve a more sustainable future, the business ecosystem must embrace a circular economic model.

Multilateral development banks: A clear path to closing the world’s infrastructure gap

To close the world’s infrastructure financing gap, the multilateral development banks need to collaborate with the private sector.

Case study - Extending sustainability practices across Emirates Global Aluminium’s banking ecosystem

Emirates Global Aluminium is extending their sustainability practices across their banking ecosystem with Standard Chartered’s Sustainable Account.

India’s energy transition: A major economic opportunity

India’s ambitious plan to transition to renewable energy sources presents attractive opportunities for investors.

Blended finance has a central role to play in combating climate change

Translating climate pledges into substantial action is one of the biggest challenges we face. Ahead of the 2022 UN Climate Change Conference, Standard Chartered Group Chief Executive Bill Winters shared his views with Tim Adams, President and CEO of the Institute of International Finance, at the IIF Emerging Markets Sustainable Finance Summit.

Asia’s path to net zero: why we must mobilise capital at scale to support its transition

Emerging Asia’s transition towards net zero throws up challenges and opportunities for the financial sector. We believe a successful and orderly transition can benefit the environment, emerging and frontier economies and the people that live in them. And we’re committed to finding fresh ways to support the transition while shoring up ongoing development and job creation.

Incentivising change with sustainability-linked loans

Sustainability-linked loans are now the second-largest asset class within sustainable debt after green bonds. What’s driving their popularity?

Convergence and the path to a net zero future

Ample liquidity, decarbonisation strategies and new business models are driving industry convergence around clean power. How can we support this convergence to realise a net zero future?

Innovation in green finance

Channelling sustainable finance where it’s needed most will maximise real-world impact.

Navigating Net Zero: Why Transitioning is Non-Negotiable

Emerging markets and hard-to-abate industries face the most significant net-zero transition capital shortfall. Without them, net-zero is impossible. How can we plug the gaps to fund their transition and keep the world on track to meet critical targets under the Paris Agreement?

High-impact export-finance deals can drive sustainable development in emerging markets

Export-finance lending is helping scale up high-impact sustainable investment in the emerging market countries that need it most.

The Transition Finance Imperative Part Two: A Conversation with Simon Cooper

Transitioning emerging markets and carbon-intensive industries is vital to realize net zero. Simon Cooper, our CEO of Corporate, Commercial & Institutional Banking and CEO of Europe & The Americas, outlines our new targets which will help mobilize capital, accelerate climate solutions and reduce emissions to help deliver a just transition.

The Transition Finance Imperative: A Conversation with Simon Cooper

The global transition to net zero carbon emissions is the biggest challenge that we face today. Emerging markets and hard-to-abate industries face the biggest capital shortfall. With more than half of the capital required to finance the net-zero transition needed before 2030, we must act now. How can we help to make net zero a reality?

Meet the CSO series

Industries in transition: Meet the CSO

This series of dialogues with various CSOs from different industries will delve into the strategic shifts that are happening in their world, and their personal insights and perspectives in navigating their companies to achieving net zero.

Podcast series

A look at the challenges, triumphs and lessons learned as businesses drive change to build a sustainable future.

Restoring nature

Industries in transition podcast: The Adaptation Economy

According to the IMF, in any given year since 2000, climate disasters have killed more than 2,600 people, affected 7 million others, and caused USD2 billion in direct material damage. This economic impact of climate change shows how adaptation policies have become a pressing priority. It underscores the need for international support to finance adaptation.


"We are working alongside key players in the hard-to-abate sectors such as oil and gas and metals and mining, finding opportunities and funding projects for industries to diversify and shift towards new economy sectors.”

Sujay Shah
Managing Director and Global Head, Cleantech Coverage

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Five cleantech trends for 2023

A look into the cleantech shape shifters for the year and the opportunities they present to investors.

Five clean tech trends for 2022

Industry convergence, private market fund flows, hawkish monetary policy, fragmenting supply chains and rising carbon prices - as the race to net zero picks up, we explore the trends that could shape the climate tech space in 2022.

A catalyst for clean energy investments in emerging markets

This landmark deal marks one of the largest ever sales of an independent renewable energy company in the Middle East and North Africa region, highlighting the exciting opportunities in this space, and catalysing much needed investments into this region.

Powering the floating solar revolution

Solar power is one of the cheapest sources of energy, yet this land-intensive technology often displaces cropland and forests. Floating solar projects can change that.

Pricing the promise of green hydrogen

A record number of countries now have hydrogen strategies, yet only two are fully funded. As the world aspires to realize a hydrogen-powered path to net zero emissions, a critical question remains unanswered: Who is going to pay?

Five Clean-Tech Trends for 2021

With investors pumping record inflows into ESG-tilted funds and more companies setting net zero targets amid the global recovery from the pandemic, here are five trends that could shape the sustainability landscape in 2021.

Metals and mining

"The financial community has an instrumental role to play in moving carbon-intensive sectors like mining and steelmaking towards more sustainable practices, and helping clients explore energy transition opportunities.”

Richard Horrocks-Taylor
Global Head, Metals & Mining

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Financing critical minerals on the road to a more sustainable auto sector

Financing minerals growth is key to the car industry meeting EV market targets.

Metals and Mining: Value creation in a net zero era

Our Industries in Transition e-magazine: Metals and Mining edition takes a look at some of the ways that we are supporting our clients in this sector to explore energy transition opportunities. 

Balancing growth and decarbonisation: The case of steel in India

Steel production accounts for over 7 per cent of global CO2 emissions and demand for steel is set to rise. Find out what India’s steel producers are doing to decarbonise the sector.

Mining and the race to net zero

A sustainable future is possible for the mining industry, but there are significant challenges to overcome. What does the industry’s route to net zero look like?

Supercharged: How lithium can remain key to the energy transition

Lithium is a critical component in electric vehicles, but in this era of new technologies, the number of potential replacements is growing. How can the lithium industry continue to power the green revolution?

Is green steel a silver bullet for sustainability in the mining sector?

In 2020, 1,860 million tonnes of steel were produced, creating 2.6 billion tonnes of emissions. It’s clear that change is needed, so how can we create a sustainable future for steel-making?

Ironing Out China’s Plan for Carbon-Neutral Steel Production

Steelmakers must halve emissions for the world to achieve their net zero goals. How can we help China, the world’s largest producer, foster cleaner production amid rising demand?

Unlocking opportunities throughout the metals and mining industry value chain

Metals and minerals are critical to many technologies in energy transition. Watch the video to find out how we’re unlocking opportunities throughout the metals and mining industry value chain.

Digging in to Net Zero Part 3: Offsets

In this three-part series, we consider how the mining industry can achieve its net zero commitments. In this final instalment – how an effective offset market can further the sector’s efforts.

Digging in to Net Zero Part 2: Capture and store carbon

In this three-part series, we consider how the mining industry can achieve its net zero commitments. Here, a look at carbon capture and China’s key role in reducing the sector’s emissions.

Digging in to Net Zero Part 1: Reducing emissions

In this three-part series, we consider how the mining industry can achieve its net zero commitments. This first instalment looks at reducing mine site emissions.

Commercial real estate

"Given our institutional footprint across both developing and developed markets, we are well-placed to support our clients globally in understanding how best to approach the green real estate boom.”

James Cameron
Global Head of Commercial Real Estate, Standard Chartered

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How Sustainability-Linked Loans can contribute to greening the building sector

Companies are increasingly embracing sustainability-linked loans to overcome sustainability challenges. Find out how Shui On, a global property developer is doing just this.

Sustainable buildings: Greening the real estate sector

We’re helping to green the real estate sector by collaborating with clients like BentallGreenOak and Schroders Capital Real Estate to participate in green building certifications.

The Green Building Opportunity

Amid the global drive to net zero, we must address a critical challenge in the path to decarbonisation: building sector emissions. How can we green the buildings sector?

Oil and gas

"We’re supporting the oil and gas sector in the transition to net zero and financing clients in emerging markets where the transition to cleaner energy is a critical part of their journey.”

Alok Sinha
Global Head of Oil & Gas and Chemicals

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The role of the capital markets in driving the energy transition

The energy transition has not only created a paradigm shift in the sources of energy supply, but it has also instigated a holistic reconsideration of the methods and processes of the financial sector when deploying capital. 

Critical infrastructure

Green data: making the cloud more sustainable

As internet traffic surges, data centres are turning to finance for sustainability solutions.

Industries in Transitions e-magazine

Industries in Transition Magazine edition 5: Asia’s path to net zero

With articles around cleantech and sustainable finance case studies across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, this e-magazine will unearth fresh trends and showcase how we are supporting clients in the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Industries in Transition Magazine edition 4: Strategies in sustainable finance

Industries in Transition Magazine edition 3: Net zero is non-negotiable

Industries in Transition

The future of energy

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Accelerating the energy transition: The next wave

Solar, Wind and Hydrogen Power

The promise and reality of hydrogen

Solar farm across hillside

Funding the clean energy transition: A look at blended finance

Sustainable transportation

Cargo ship with containers

The blue economy: How emerging markets can grow through a cleaner maritime industry

unlocking clean land transport Investment

The green route: unlocking clean land transport investment in emerging economies

Green Skies: sustainable finance in aviation

Urban transformation

city transitioning to clean energy

Transforming project finance: how sustainable infrastructure will spur economic recovery

Beach transitioning from dirty to clean

How smart sustainable investments can help make the world more resilient

Investing for impact

The 50 Trillion Dollar Question: closing the emerging markets’ capital gap

Transition to being more sustainable

Funding a more sustainable world

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The path to a green recovery in emerging markets and beyond