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Webinars & Events

ASEAN Climate Forum

Mobilising sustainable finance to enable a just energy transition in ASEAN

The ASEAN region is among those facing the greatest climate risks. To enable a just energy transition, sustainable finance should be mobilised at scale and channelled to where it is needed most. Hear from Andrew Chia, Cluster CEO of Indonesia and ASEAN markets and his panellists on how ASEAN could meet ambitious climate targets through sustainable financing of new technologies and business models.

ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum

A glimpse of key themes driving the future of the region

The ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum brought together government and industry leaders to explore ASEAN’s unique challenges and opportunities to create a sustainable future and establish itself as the epicenter of the global economy. Hear from Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer, and her panellists on how ASEAN could meet ambitious climate targets by leveraging sustainable infrastructure, digitalisation, and innovative financing solutions.

Standard Chartered luncheon at the ASEAN Indo Pacific Forum

Enabling a just transition in ASEAN

The transition to renewable energy brings about a multitude of economic, environmental, and social benefits to ASEAN’s diverse energy landscape. Leaders from Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet, McKinsey, and more discuss how governments and businesses can pave the way towards a just and affordable energy transition.


ASEAN Borderless Business Summary Video

ASEAN offers significant business expansion and investment opportunities for organisations. Senior business leaders surveyed from seven trade corridors share how they plan to drive resilient growth in this dynamic landscape.