International Men's Day 2019

International Men’s Day 2019: celebrating male role models

This International Men’s Day is about highlighting our male colleagues who are making a positive difference and challenging archaic attitudes


Today is International Men’s Day, which celebrates the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. It’s an opportunity to challenge stereotypes and question the notion of ‘being a man’ in today’s world. Why does this matter? Because creating an inclusive culture means ensuring that every colleague feels able to bring the best of themselves to work, regardless of gender or anything else.

The global theme of International Men’s Day this year is ‘men leading by example’, so we want to showcase colleagues who are positively challenging societal norms, raising awareness of men’s health issues and supporting gender equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Throughout the Bank we have inspiring men who are leading by example. Below are just a few examples:

  • Chris Daniels took four months’ parental leave earlier this year, giving him the opportunity to care for his son while his wife settled into a new job.
  • Fred Nintori joined forces with a group of male colleagues to establish the ‘Pink Boys’ – a breast cancer awareness movement in Ghana.
  • Marc Leaver encourages debate around gender equality in his team and incorporates inclusive behaviours into his leadership style.

We need all our colleagues to be engaged in the fight for gender equality if we are to help bring about real change. We’re committed to parental leave and flexible working as practical ways we can help include people, both women and men, and we train our people leaders on inclusive leadership programmes, such as Men Advocating Real Change workshops, to ensure that inclusion is a keyword for everybody.

Acknowledging stereotypes, be they aimed at men or women, and challenging them, helps create a more inclusive environment for everybody.

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