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Going the extra mile: Jessie’s story

Employee Story Jessie

16 Jul 2019

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Jessie Chng, Head of Private Banking & Wealth Management Operations, Singapore

I believe a good leader is one who knows the way and shows the way.  I will go the extra mile to help, engage and motivate team members and I know I’ve succeeded when my actions create a legacy that inspires others to have the courage to dream and learn; to do and become more.

I took on a challenging task a few years ago to transform the Client Services Group (CSG). I took inspiration from seven principles shared in The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson to lead and reunite the team. Of these seven principles, my priority was to strengthen the team’s confidence. I wanted them to believe in themselves and the work they do. With the right direction, as one team, anything is possible. I am gratified that this work has paid off, as the CSG team is now a key partner and business co-creator in the Singapore office.

“My focus was to strengthen the team’s confidence. I wanted them to believe in themselves and the work they do.”

Recently, I have taken on a new role as Head of Private Banking and Wealth Operations in Singapore. I’m enjoying working with the team to reach new heights and yield positive results. I am also taking the time to mentor some up and coming women in the sector to guide them in team management. I personally experienced and benefitted from those opportunities so it feels right to give back.

My advice to others is to believe in yourself and your dreams. In times of uncertainty comes opportunity. Have the innocence of a child, the endurance of a camel and the courage of a lion, and seize the opportunities along the way!

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