Inspired by those around me: Hanadi’s story

Hanadi has excelled as a manager by focusing on the needs of her team, which results in great outcomes for their clients.

Hanadi Richo, Team Leader, Client Services, Private Banking, UAE

100% of my focus is on my team of seven Client Service Managers. Because if my team are thriving and performing well ultimately it’s our clients who will benefit. I want to surround myself and my team with positive energy and I find this managerial approach provides a level of stability to my team which, in turn, gives us great results for our clients. If my team wins, I win.

"I see my own personal values in the values of Standard Chartered."

When I was student, I thought I’d have a career in communications. I have a passion for literature and my mother is a renowned author but I discovered a surprising passion for banking. I love working for an international bank, and I see my own personal values in the values of Standard Chartered. It’s a reputable organisation that is committed to diversity, which means a lot to me. Plus in my role as a team leader, I get to demonstrate skills that I’ve developed over time like relationship and conflict management, and deal negotiation.

Someone once referred to me as the ‘boss’ which I hated. I prefer ‘leader’ because a leader is inspired and motivated by people around them. There is no limit for learning and I believe if you build a respectful and trusting relationship with your colleagues and stakeholders, you will find team success. Everyone has a spark – you just need to know how to ignite it.

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