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Isaac changes the world

7 May 2021

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Isaac is a 26-year-old social entrepreneur and business consultant from Uganda who has a clear vision for his future. “In the next five years, I want to have built my company… and be a champion of environmental conservation. I want to be a real futuremaker through tangible actions.”

It was not long ago, however, that Isaac was struggling to get through high school, having seen his older siblings drop out due to lack of finances. He was able to gain an undergraduate degree in Forestry at Makerere University, but another challenge dawned – finding work. He says: “It was a frustrating experience. The fear of living without even the basic needs after graduation was the worst nightmare.”

Isaac was inspired to become an entrepreneur after volunteering in his community, but while he had passion and enthusiasm, he lacked the skills, support and finance to make his business work. That changed after he joined Youth to Work, a skills development programme run by Challenges Worldwide and supported by Standard Chartered Foundation, as part of Futuremakers by Standard Chartered.

The programme equips unemployed graduates with business and management skills to provide business development services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The graduates also train other university students and SME employees on workforce development, business improvement, entrepreneurship and employability skills. “The programme enhanced my knowledge and understanding of business and entrepreneurship where my passion lies,” says Isaac.” I also enjoyed the university engagement. It was great seeing students inspired to take action and develop themselves.”

Today, Isaac is founder and CEO of Ebrapreneur Solutions in Uganda, a social enterprise that provides eco-friendly solutions such as affordable fuel briquettes for cooking, to Ugandans while creating economic opportunities for women and young people. He is also an associate with a consultancy firm offering technology and inclusive digital finance, strategy and advisory services. 

I have learned to take action wherever I can because I believe that the future I want to see, the changes I desire to see in my generation, start with me.

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