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We are pleased to share our recently published research led by Business Fights Poverty in partnership with the University of Cambridge. This research deepened our understanding of Futuremakers participants’ experiences, gathered key stakeholder first-hand insights and built upon existing thought-leading analysis. The outputs provide the basis for the 2022 Futuremakers Forum and will help shape our future financial inclusion programmes.

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Summary paper

What can we learn from young people and business leaders about the future of work?

September 2021

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Previous winners

Check out what the winners of our Futuremakers competition think business leaders need to know about the future of work and skills.

July 2021

Insights paper

What do young people have to say about their future of work and skills?

June 2021

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Insights paper

How can business leaders support young people to transition to the future world of work?

June 2021

Futuremakers Forum Discussion Series

Discussion paper

Driving enterprise and employment with young people.

Insights paper

Conclusions from the 2020 Futuremakers Forum.

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