Life begins (again) at 40: Ramil’s story

Ramil has achieved a lot in the first half of his career and his future is wide open

Ramil Raniel Santos, Head of Corporate and Institutional Business Finance, Philippines

Standard Chartered is the first and only company I have worked for, having applied immediately after completing my Board exam in accounting.  I married young and had a daughter by the age of 21 so my priority at that time was to find a secure income to support my new family. Luckily for me, even after 18 years, my passion for finance remains the same as the day I graduated.  I love crunching the numbers, finding a story within the figures and enjoying lively discussions with colleagues on the best course of action.

My career path took me from accounts payable to CIB Finance with ten promotions in 18 years.  As someone who has experience across the different sectors of the business, it has made me a “go-to” person.  Typically, the business does come to me with their questions but I’m keen for my team to step in and be on the front line.  After all, I was in their shoes a few years ago so I want them to gain the same experiences I had. I find it very humbling to see the next generation moving their way through similar career paths to me.  I see the future in them.

As a child growing up, I had dreams of becoming an artist.  Having the time and freedom to create paintings always was, and still is important to me. I’m grateful, therefore, to work in a flexible way that still allows me the time to pursue my passion.  As an early riser, I’m in the office by 7am and finish around 4pm, leaving my evenings free to paint or spend time with my family. This also allows me to miss the horrendous traffic jams in Manila around rush-hour. It’s a win-win.  I also work one day from home and this gives my working week a lot more balance. It allows me to be a better manager, father and husband.

I’m now entering the second half of my life and I’m still assessing what the future holds.  Perhaps a new career as an artist is possible after all? Looking back, I know that the 21-year-old me would not reach this state if it was not for my faith in God and my family but I also I have a deep level of appreciation and gratitude to Standard Chartered for all the opportunities and learning afforded to me.

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