Now is my time: Moka’s story

From a young age, Moka took on the responsibility of looking after his siblings. They came first. Joining Standard Chartered gave Moka the chance to do something for himself

Mogorosi Pitse, Associate, Trade Sales

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I took on the role of parent and manager of my family’s business at 17 years old after losing my mother and father when I was only 16. Of course, it’s not a situation that anyone would want to take on, but there was no other option. I wanted the best for my two brothers – that drove me on each day.

My parents’ business in wholesale retail was doing well, so when I was 21 I added property to the mix and started to buy and sell houses around Johannesburg. Both my brothers were still at school and the money I earnt went to support their education. Once my brothers had graduated and started university, I felt it was time to start making decisions for myself. I wanted to apply for the International Graduate (IG) programme at Standard Chartered but that meant sitting down with my family and explaining my dreams. Even though it would have meant travelling and working abroad, they supported me 100 per cent.

“Being surrounded by inspirational people brings out the best in me”

When I started as an IG, I suddenly understood myself so much better. The role of caregiver had been thrust on me; working for Standard Chartered meant I was doing something for myself. I had arrived!

Taking on my role in Kuala Lumpur as an Associate in Trade Sales has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Being surrounded by inspirational people brings out the best in me. This is a bank with a heart. My managers want the best for me – but of course I give a lot in return as part of a small team. I may work hard but I still have time to enjoy myself. I’ve taken up salsa dancing, and get the opportunity to travel around Southeast Asia.

I still see my brothers throughout the year. They come to visit me and I always go home for Christmas. I’m so proud of them. If I’m the original version, they are the improved, upgraded models! Both of them have followed me into careers in financial services. As for the future, perhaps I’ll take on an MBA or see what opportunities are available in other countries. I’ve got a spring board now, so I think the best is yet to come.