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Renminbi internationalisation: The road ahead

28 Sep 2023

As demand for the renminbi picks up pace globally, where do the opportunities lie for companies and financial institutions?

Paul Skelton, Global Head of Client Coverage, Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking
Karen Ng, Head, China Opening & RMB Internationalisation, Client Coverage, Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking

In recent years, China’s introduction of enhanced infrastructure as well as policies to address the pain points of usage have strengthened the foundation for renminbi internationalisation.

At the same time, external events – from geopolitical conditions to the interest rate environment – serve as an impetus for countries to reduce their reliance on the greenback, while creating conditions that favour the renminbi.

Taken together, the stage is set for the currency to play an increasingly important role in the years to come. Read the report to learn how companies and financial institutions can capitalise on the opportunities as they arise.

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