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Making it happen: Tshepiso’s story

Tshepiso Katse

27 Dec 2018

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Tshepiso Katse, Country Legal Counsel


I started my career in private practice but I was keen to get more experience in the commercial side of law.  I wanted to learn more about why certain contracts are drawn up and what the commercial impact is, so I joined the bank in 2014 within the Compliance team. I needed to fine-tune my skills to meet our clients’ needs, which is not the kind of thing you can learn from text books.

 “My time in London was a rich learning experience.”

In my next role as the Country Legal Counsel for Botswana, I enjoyed finding successful outcomes from disputes but I wanted to stretch myself further. That’s when I saw an internal post for a short-term assignment in London. I believe that if you want to progress, it’s up to you to put your hand up, knock on doors and make things happen. My manager was very supportive of me taking on this challenge. It required a little re-organisation within the country legal team, but everyone was happy to work together to make this chance a reality for me. What’s more, my wife (who also works for the bank) was granted leave to spend a month with me in London, which I’ll always be grateful for.

My time in London was a rich learning experience. It gave me the opportunity to work across many different functions, as well as learn more about the city’s work ethic. I really enjoyed working as part of a team and it allowed me to tap into the skills and knowledge of people I would otherwise never have met. 

There are hundreds of different opportunities available to you. The diversity of our footprint and the scale of our operation globally means these can become reality. It’s just up to you to grab your moment.


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