The long run: Andrew’s story

Andrew shares how he continues to find joy at work, even after 45 years.

Andrew Lau, Trade Operations, Singapore

I joined the bank back in 1973, when pen and paper were the main working tools. I spent my first four
years in domestic banking (now known as ‘branch operations’), managing fixed deposits and clerical
duties. Eager to learn and do more, I’ve taken on different roles within Trade Operations across the
40+ years I’ve been here.

I stay motivated by keeping up with the times. I’ve seen first-hand the ever-changing range of client
needs and the different financial landscapes. This means I constantly get the opportunity to work on
different banking products and I’m proud to say that I’ve mastered most of them. There’s never a dull
moment, and I’ve a wealth of memories to look back on.

One interesting memory was overseeing the move of a whole department (of about 100 people) to a
temporary location, the former Mercantile Bank Building at Raffles Place, to allow for the building of
the current Standard Chartered branch that exists today on Six Battery Road. When the new building
was completed in 1984, I had to get the ‘whole village’ back. Moving once was quite a feat. Imagine having to move twice – it certainly was not easy. But we already had a strong culture of collaborative
working back then. With everyone helping and looking out for one another, we did it, without any big

I recently received my loyalty award for 45 years of service, and it was a very proud moment for me.
It represents my great sense of belonging and achievement. Even though I’ve been in the same
department all these years, I can still find opportunities to learn and grow. That’s why I never felt the
need to ‘restart’ somewhere else. I also feel accomplished knowing that I can impart the knowledge
I’ve gained to the place that first nurtured me. It’s my way of giving back.

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