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Disrupting diversity

Embracing and celebrating our diversity

Building an inclusive culture is vital to our future. We value and celebrate the diversity of our teams across all our locations and business functions so that everyone feels respected and can realise their full potential.

That’s why we have three dedicated global employee networks - 

  1. Global Women's Network
  2. Global LGBT and Allies Network
  3. Global Disability Network

– as well as more than 60 local Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). 

These networks connect and support colleagues, including those who are impacted by disability, have caregiver responsibilities or are members or allies of the LGBT community. 

We strive to offer a safe, supportive and empowering environment for all our staff, and to be a positive employer for anyone affected by disability.

Driving change for women in finance

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Providing equal opportunities for all

We promote equality in the workplace for all employees and applicants irrespective of their particular characteristics, including but not limited to: Race; colour; nationality; national or ethnic origins; gender; parental status; marital or civil partner status; sexual orientation; gender identity, expression or reassignment; HIV or AIDS status; employment status; flexibility of working arrangements; disability; age; religion; or belief.

It's the Bank’s policy to comply with all country, state and local laws that protect the rights of individuals from discrimination and govern employment practices across all the regions in which we operate.

We want all applicants to feel able to perform at their best throughout the hiring process and we’ll support you with any reasonable adjustments you need.

International Men's Day

See why positive role models and challenging male stereotypes makes a better world for all of us.

International Men's Day

See why positive role models and challenging male stereotypes makes a better world for all of us.

Employee stories Meet our team

Read from our employees in their own words about their personal career journeys, our culture, development opportunities and how we support the communities where we operate. 

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Swimming against the tide

I grew up in a remote village in India, where knowledge of the polio vaccination was limited. I was affected by polio at seven months old: a massive attack that left me paralysed below the shoulders.

How can we be disability inclusive?

As a Deaf person, I know and have experienced the common misconceptions about Deaf people. The problem is that most people have never worked with a Deaf colleague, and so their misconceptions are perpetuated.

Wasim and family

My family and me: Wasim’s story

After his wife’s devastating cancer diagnosis, Wasim’s life was turned upside down, but flexible working ensured he could continue to support his family in the right way

Iris Zhang

Volunteering in the community

One of the reasons why I’ve stayed with the bank for ten years is that I’m a huge believer of giving back to society and our bank offers a great platform for this

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