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Kamna – My journey into the world of Cyber Security

Kamna Sharma from our Data Security Team tells us what it's like to be responsible for protecting the bank from cyber attacks

I’m a member of our Secure Web Defence team. My role is critical in protecting the bank from cyber crime as we act as the primary defence for the Bank, we do this by integrating the banks digital assets with security components to protect the bank from application layer attacks, DDoS attacks and other cyber threats. I take immense pride in working for an organisation that values my skills and expertise. I love working here and I find everyday there’s a new opportunity to challenge myself to reach my potential. 

I really enjoyed the interview process when I came to Standard Chartered,  I found that neither, the Bank, or I had to explicitly sell each other, it was an enjoyable experience, and I knew I’d be happy here. With money comes risk and challenges, with risks and challenges comes success and learnings. I truly believe in this and my experience with the bank so far and it was a major factor when considering a career in finance. 

 What drew you to a career with Standard Chartered?  

We’re both fulfilling each other’s expectations. For me, Standard Chartered really is a great place to work.  


Give 100% and never settle. Never settle is one of our valued behaviours at the Bank and I truly live by this.


Taking my first steps into the corporate world where I learned to handle both rejection and acceptance. 


Entering the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Learning about web resilience and performance, with no domain experience. It changed how I looked at the internet. 



Taking my first step into the banking industry and understanding the importance of risk, processes, and cyber security and being primary defence for our digital assets. 


Starting my journey as a people leader and associating my growth, with my team’s growth. 

What has been your career path to get where you are now? 

I've Identified opportunities, learned new skills, come out of my comfort zone and never shied away from taking up new challenges. 

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced when working?  

The number of different hats you need to wear in a single day - a problem solver, mentor, leader and a human. It’s challenging to switch from a role of authoritative, to being an individual contributor, problem solver and solution designer. It’s important to take time to understand the personal and professional issues for the team and be there for them and a mentor, to help them grow.  

How have you built flexibility into your every day?  

Time management and setting priorities is the key. I prioritise between work, home and family - understanding what the need of the hour is. 

Do you have any hobbies outside of work? 

Exploring new places within and outside the city. 

 What positives have you experienced from the pandemic? 

Always be prepared to embrace change because anything is possible! 

What career advice would you give to your younger self? 

It’s completely OK to say that certain work cannot be finished within pre-decided timelines, it's all about managing expectations.