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Roopa Suresh – a new mother who wanted to get back into the corporate world

What has been your career path to get where you are now? 

This takes me back to 2012, a new mother who wanted to get back into the corporate world, so that she could give a better life to her baby boy. I switched my career from a Recruiter to Executive Assistant to balance my role of a mother.  

I‘m very proud of my journey at Standard Chartered – from an EA, to a Senior Manager Communication & Engagement and a DEI champion. It has been a very fulfilling journey, to be able to get involved in contributing to a greater good and to be able to work with the diverse workforce of the Bank across the globe. 

I believe in the motto, “what got you here, will not take you further.” I haven’t restricted myself to my JO, and have always gone the extra mile to do more. I am grateful to my people leaders for allowing me to explore my other interests at work and have learnt a great deal from our senior leaders through my various interactions. 

Why did you want to work for the Client Care Centre and what drew you to a career with Standard Chartered?   

It’s a very emotional answer, Client care centre has supported me through my roller coaster journey from a new mum to a single parent. My Line Manager, HRBP, and my colleague’s support and flexibility during this challenging period changed my view about corporate organisations. I can easily say – I got through the storm because my workplace gave me the shelter/protection/warmth/empathy that I needed the most. 

I was drawn to the culture of the bank. 

What do you enjoy about your role? What’s the best thing about working for Standard Chartered? 

My role allows me to interact and work with different business units, the synergy and collaboration between colleagues is excellent and I bounce off the energy I get from my colleagues. We get to learn a lot from our leaders, peers and freshers. We are all heard and our views are respected. 

In my role, I’m fortunate to get a chance to interact with very senior leaders in the Bank, and this has allowed me to learn great deal.  I enjoy being part of Diversity and Inclusion team, that allows me to reach out to different communities inside and outside the Bank, at time breaking our biases and learning and respecting differences.  

Best thing is being a part of this inclusive workplace, where we are treated equally and feel heard. One can get our true self to work without wearing a mask and this helps in giving our 100%.

Could you share what advice you would give someone who is looking to work at Standard Chartered, the career advice would you give to your younger self, and the best career advice you’ve ever been given.  

Know what you want and go for it, just be yourself, give your 100% and you’ll love your job here. One piece of advice I would give my younger self is to be more patient and accept failures and not be too hard on yourself. 

One advice I recently got from my people leader was to – “own what you do and stand by it, stand up for yourself, never be in the shadows.” This has changed my approach to difficult situations at work and outside work too. I have not looked back since and this has also helped me get out of my comfort zone.