Client focused: Gavin’s story

Gavin discovered a love of trading from an early age, and has built a career by putting client at the heart of all decisions


As a child, I was already “trading” – I’d find a collectible card that was rare (or low in supply), try and buy it at a low price and sell it at a higher price. Without even knowing it, I learnt the concept of demand and supply early on. That built my love for managing money which led to my career interest in the financial services.

At the Bank, we often talk about having a client-first mindset in all that we do. Gone are the days where we can only be transactional. We need to be client-obsessed, and that can only happen when we play the role of a trusted friend to clients and anticipate their needs. My teams are also my clients. I work with them to create value, and not just supervise the work they do.

Knowledge is the ultimate currency of the future.  I never assume to know everything, but I do believe that knowledge is wealth. I’m a financial geek, not because my job requires me to, but because I thrive on learning as much as I can about the industry.

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