Our social and economic impact

We aim to play a key role in stimulating economic and social development across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Our social and economic impact

We believe we should contribute directly to the economies in which we operate. As the only bank with a strong presence in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, we're uniquely placed to help businesses grow in all three markets. 

To understand how we can contribute to these economies and societies, we've commissioned independent studies to assess our socio-economic impact on our markets.


Assessing our impact on Sub-Saharan Africa

With a presence in Africa spanning 150 years, we play a key role in supporting the region's economy.

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Our impact in Bangladesh

We've been in Bangladesh for more than 100 years, and are the oldest and largest foreign bank.

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Analysing our presence in Ghana

We've been in Ghana over 100 years and are consistently ranked among the top three banks in the country.

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Assessing our impact on Indonesia

We have a deep presence in Indonesia, having set up in 1863. We also have a stake in the 9th largest bank.

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150 years in Africa

150 Years in Africa

We aim to meet demand and reinforce our position as Africa's leading international bank.


Our presence in ASEAN

As the only international bank to have a presence in all 10 ASEAN markets, we're well placed in the region.


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