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Wealth Management

Personalized solutions backed by research to help you grow, preserve and distribute wealth

We help you build your generational wealth

As Malaysia’s first bank, we continue to pioneer wealth management solutions.

Team of wealth specialists

Access a team of specialists for in-depth insights and advices tailored to your needs and objectives.

Comprehensive wealth solutions

Full suite of wealth solutions to help you meet your needs at various life stages.

Market Views on-the-go

Tap into our global network and resource to analyse financial markets around the world and identify investment opportunities.

Easy ways to manage your investments

Invest online with our online trading and online unit trusts platform.

Experience our full suite of Wealth Solutions to help you keep your financial goals on track


Unit Trust via SmartDirect



Fixed Coupon Note

Wealth Financing


Introducing SmartStocks, an online equity platform that unlock opportunities across the globe.

  • Access to 7 different exchanges across 12 global markets in one account
  • One brokerage rate for all markets
  • Seamless account opening with a fully  digital onboarding process
  • With only one account, you can now trade with ease across foreign markets using real time exchanges rate through LiveFX platform

Unit Trust via SmartDirect

With SmartDirect on iBanking and SC Mobile app, you can now manage your portfolio even on the go.

  • Buy, Sell and Switch from over 200 Mutual Funds available in over 5 different currencies
  • Track your portfolio performance online, anytime and anywhere via SmartDirect
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Diversify your portfolio and balance out higher-risk asset classes by including investments in bonds/sukuk.

  • Receive regular cash pay outs annually, semi-annually, or quarterly.
  • Hedge your risk with government and high-grade corporate bonds/sukuk
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Introducing LiveFX, a real time FX conversion platform for capturing market opportunities.

  • Gain market insights and place limit orders on-the-go.
  • Set price alert and receive instant notifications when the market rate alerts reaches your target.
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Fixed Coupon Note

Earn regular income by capitalizing on equity market opportunities via FCNs, a short-term equity-linked structured product solution

  • Fixed Coupon – Certainty of coupon payment regardless of market performance
  • Short Tenure – Only 3 to 12 months investment horizon
  • Highly Customisable – Your choice of underlying stocks, coupon rate, tenure and other parameters
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Wealth Financing

Explore the potential of Wealth Financing, a credit facility that provides you with greater liquidity by securing against multiple financial assets held with the Bank.

  • A wide selection of eligible collaterals against Fixed Deposits, Unit Trusts, Bonds, Structured Investments, Insurance
  • Available in 11 currencies (AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, MYR, NZD, SGD, USD)
  • Capability of cross currency borrowing
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Empower your financial decisions

Curated reads, videos and analysis on the financial markets around the world

COVID-19 Wealth Insights
Investment Insights

Keep yourself up-to-date of the latest market happenings to seize market opportunities

Market views on-the-go

Outlook 2022: A Winding Road to Normality

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Wealth Management Video

Everyone is constantly looking for ways to grow, preserve and distribute their wealth.

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Wealth Insights

Navigate global economic landscapes

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