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How Integrating ESG Drives Returns

How Integrating ESG Drives Returns

How Integrating ESG Drives Returns

Title How Integrating ESG Drives Returns
Webinar Details Want your money to work harder and BETTER for you?

Experts shared that the year started off better, with the market saying Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) funds and indices performing better in Quarter 1 during the Covid-19 market downturn*.


Are you ready to do good for the planet and your portfolio?

How are companies adapting to focus on ESG?


Join us to find out the companies that are innovating to capitalize on huge opportunities.


*Source: https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/sustainability-esg-becoming-mainstream

Host Samantha Siew

Investment Advisor

Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia

Speaker(s) Rohini Chopra

Client Advisor

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Registration Link https://primetime.bluejeans.com/a2m/register/varvspsr
Post event Key Takeaways Covid-19 pandemic is the 21st century’s first sustainability crisis and is a wake-up call for us to prioritise a more sustainable investment approach.
We spoke to Rohini Chopra, Client Advisor, JPMorgan Asset Management to understand why sustainable investing should be on your radar.


In case you missed it, catch the replay below.


Here are the key takeaways:
1. Investing into a fully ESG integrated fund leads to outperformance

Studies have shown that companies with better ESG ratings are able to deliver higher return and lower volatility when compared to traditional investments. There is a structural shift in global investor preferences towards ESG investing that is not fully priced in the market today.


2. There are opportunities to add value to your investment portfolio
We are still in the early stage of bull cycle with many catalysts pointing to a higher equity market. The equity market is still supported by strong economy growth outlook, ample liquidity from the policymakers and earnings growth continue to look robust for the coming year.


3. Look longer term and invest into disruptive themes that are changing the landscape
RHB i-Global Sustainable Disruptors is a fully ESG-integrated fund which focuses on innovation and invests into key beneficiaries of long term structural growth themes: Digitalization, Financial Evolution, Feeling Good, Healthcare Innovation, and Energy Revolution.


Standard Chartered operates an open platform and we work with our partners to provide access to high quality sustainable investment solutions. Invest today through SmartDirect.


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How Integrating ESG Drives Returns

Are you ready to do good for the planet and your portfolio?