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Where to find the next Tesla?

DATE Saturday, 10 April 2021
Title Where to find the next Tesla?
Webinar Details Asia has enormous potential to produce the next technology leaders, as US sanction has resulted Asia to innovate and create a dual ecosystem. Much like Alibaba and Baidu have been the answer to Amazon and Google, find out who are the emerging winners and competitors to Tesla and more.

Join us in our upcoming webinar with JP Morgan Asset Management to gain insight on Asia Pacific growth and how to seize the opportunities in the region.

Moderator Ng Shin Seong

Head, Investment Strategy and Advisory

Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia

Speaker(s) Supreet Bhan

Head-Southeast Asia Funds   J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Key Takeaways 1. Internet and Content – There are multiple instances where Asian Pacific consumers are leading the way in terms of online gaming and e-commerce. For example, companies such as SEA Ltd which has both businesses will benefit as Generation Z leads the transition from spending in brick and mortar stores to online market place.

2. Factory Automation – Three out of the top five countries in robot density in industrial manufacturing are in Asia. While Asia used to attract foreign investors with cheap labour, the future of manufacturing will be led by companies and countries that are automating factories and manufacturing processes.

3. Autonomous Driving – Tesla dominates the headline when it comes to Electric Vehicles(EV). However, Chinese EV companies, Xpeng and NIO are making strides in key EV market – China and Xpeng is leading in Autonomous Driving. Source.

4. Manufacturing leaders – The US Technology sector run-up on stocks (like Apple) is well documented by the media in 2020. While Apple devices are well recognised to be innovative and high quality, many of the firm’s internal components are reliant on Asia Pacific manufacturers such as Taiwanese TSMC for processor chip, Japan’s Sony for camera and South Korean Samsung Electronics for screen for example.

Asia tech giants are not just dominant in their regional markets, they are increasingly global leaders. Many Asia tech leaders are outperforming global peers by significant margins due to favourable demographics and ever-improving R&D, for instance Alibaba has outperformed Amazon over the long term.

Investing in Asia Pacific technology can be complimentary extension to global technology exposure within one’s portfolio; at more reasonable valuation.

Find out how you can benefits from these via RHB Pacific Technology Fund, available on SmartDirect in SC Mobile.

Where to find the next Tesla?

Gain insight on Asia Pacific growth and how to seize the opportunities in the region