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Non-stop and innovative solutions for your daily transactions

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business banking making business banking easy

Non-stop and innovative solutions for your daily transactions

Business Accounts and Deposits

We provide non-stop solutions for all your transactional, payment and cash management needs as well as for your surplus funds.

Smart Business Account Banner

Tiers for the monthly total business credit

Rebate on Outward Telegraphic Transfer (OTT) commission/charges for that month

BND25,000 – BND100,000 or equivalent


BND100,000 – BND500,000 or equivalent


BND500,000 and above


Smart Business Account

The Rebate on Outward Telegraphic Transfer Fees through Straight2Bank (S2B) online banking system, The Smart Business Account (“The Plan”) is available for Business Banking clients of Standard Chartered Bank Brunei who are on Straight2Bank (S2B) online banking system. To read the Smart Business Account  terms and condition , please click here.

Total Business Credit (TBC) will be calculated based on the inward funds credited into their Account in any calendar month. Where a customer has more than one (1) Account, TBCs will be calculated on an aggregated basis.

TBCs include inward credits of funds such as:

  1. cash deposits (including over-the-counter and bulk deposits);
  2. inward local funds transfers, local bank electronic transfers and telegraph transfers (covering SWIFT and internal network transfers), within Standard Chartered PLC, and/or any of its affiliates;
  3. local and foreign cheque deposits,

but exclude funds that are transferred from any of your existing accounts held with the Bank and all bank-initiated and system-initiated credits of funds into your Account, such as:

  1. credits due to any returned item (for example: cheque return, funds transfer return, etc);
  2. interest credited into the Account (if any);
  3. sweep-in credits from linked time deposit accounts;
  4. loans from Standard Chartered PLC and/or any of its affiliates disbursed into the Account; and
  5. cash rebates.

If the customer does not meet any of TBC tier(s) in a particular month, the customer will not enjoy the rebates, regardless of whether the customer had qualified for the rebates in preceding month(s).

USD Multi-Tiers Account Banner
Fixed Deposit Banner

Fixed Deposit

  • Flexible Tenors
    Flexible tenors of 1 week, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months


  • Available in multiple currency
    Available in BND and a range of main foreign currencies


  • Attractive returns
    Earn high interest rate according to your selection of tenure and currencies

Business Payment Service Banner

Business Payment Service

  • Intergrated payment system
    Our Straight2Bank channels cater to different level of customer payment solution, including simple transaction to complex payments.


  • Payroll services
    Payment system integration with payroll system.


  • We offer a full range of payment capabilities including
    cross-border payments, domestic payment, local bank cheque/ drafts/ cashier’s order, corporate cheque direct credit – ACH/GIRO , Local bank transfers (RTGS)




  • Business Type : Sole Proprietorship and Partnership, Incorporated companies (Sdn Bhd), Professional Practices, Societies, Associations

  • Minimum Initial Deposit BND 10,000 or equivalent

  • Customer should have Straight2Bank to avail Smart Business Account Feature