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Protecting your investment with Fullerton Fund Management

Introducing Fullerton Short Term Interest Rate

A diversified low-volatility fixed income portfolio to hedge against inflation. Seeking stable returns in times of volatility.

Why invest in Fullerton Short Term Interest Rate Fund?

The fund seeks to generate medium-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of primarily investment grade fixed income securities and money market instruments issued by government, agencies, corporates and supranationals.
Potentially lower interest rate risk – Short duration bonds are less sensitive to interest rate movements than longer-term bonds.
Quality companies with strong fundamentals – Invests in credit of investment-grade issuers (at point of investment) that offer attractive carry.
Flexibility to invest in foreign currency bonds – Invests in foreign currency bonds that offer portfolio diversification, relative valuation opportunities and to improve liquidity.
Managed in SGD terms – Where Fund invests in non-SGD bonds, FX exposures are hedged back to SGD1
Experienced team with proven track record – 19 years of track record in managing SGD bond strategies. Track record of delivering consistent and stable returns.
1 Except for a 1% frictional currency limit. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

Fund Fact Sheets

For more in-depth information on the Fullerton Fund Management fund, visit our Fund Library to gain access to the individual fund fact sheets and strategies.

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