A personal loan that suits all tastes

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Pastry, Dessert, Food

A personal loan that suits all tastes

Low interest rates to meet your needs

With lower interest rates, let Standard Chartered Personal Loan help you achieve your financial goals no matter what they are.

A personal loan that suits all tastes

Simply apply from now until 30 June 2022 to enjoy this offer.

5.50% EIR
75% discount of processing fee* (BND50)
*Usual BND200
Pastry, Dessert, Food

Below is an approximate illustration of the Flat Interest Rate equivalence to the Effective Interest Rate across tenors

5.50% EIR
24 2.915%
36 2.902%
48 2.908%
60 2.921%
72 2.939%

Here’s an example of the kind of savings you can achieve with our low interest rates

The interest rate comparison is against the normal market rate of 7.5% EIR and based on a loan amount of BND20,000 with a repayment period of 5 years.
BND20,000 (5 Years)
5.50% EIR
7.5% EIR
Processing Fees BND50 BND200
Total Interest BND2,916.16 BND4,037.72
Final Cost BND2,966.16 BND4,237.72
Total Savings BND1,271.56

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