• Letter of credit (LCs)
    A Standard Chartered letter of credit gives you the assurance from a world class bank when dealing with unfamiliar suppliers, you can be confident that payment will not be made until the documents are received and verified to be in order
  • Import bills for collection
    By informing your supplier to send their shipping documents to us, you will enjoy prompt advice upon our receipt of documents and efficient payment according to your instructions
  • Shipping guarantee
    To operate your business efficiently, it is vital that your goods are cleared expeditiously. By issuing a shipping guarantee in the shipper’s favour, we facilitate prompt clearance of goods until bills or lading are received
  • Import financing
    We will be able to provide financing solutions to pay for the supplier’s documents under letter of credit or import collections. Open account invoice financing is also available
  • Performance bonds and other guarantees
    We offer tailored solutions to meet all your performance bond and guarantee needs


If you are in the export business, we can help you with export LC advising, LC safekeeping, LC confirmation, LC checking and negotiation. For financing solutions, tap on to our pre-shipment export finance services, or export bills for collections and invoice financing. Outsource your administrative functions to us.

  • Export letter of credit advising
    Benefit from prompt advising of export letter of credit from a wide international network through us
  • Export letter of credit safekeeping
    We will keep your original copy and send you a working copy to facilitate the preparation of documents to save you a trip to the bank to collect your export letter of credit
  • Export letter of credit confirmation
    By requesting us to confirm your export LCs, you obtain our guarantee of payment for document presented in compliance with the credit
  • Pre-shipment export financing 
    If you need to fulfil a sales contract but need funds to purchase raw materials or process goods for export, we can offer you pre-shipment export financing in a range of currencies
  • Letter of credit checking and negotiation
    Strict service standards are applied to ensure that your documents are negotiated and despatched quickly
  • Export bills for collection
    Simplify dispatch tracking of payment and reconciliation of your export collections when you choose our documents against acceptance, documents against payment or clean collections. Discounting of export collections is also available
  • Export invoice financing
    To tide over any cash flow problems arising from credit terms to the buyers, the exporter may obtain invoice financing pending buyers’ payment
  • Document preparation
    Benefit from lower costs, faster processing and fewer errors - outsource the paperwork and administrative functions related to your export activities based on your LC or purchase order

For more information, please contact your local Relationship Manager or Sales Specialist.

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