About Standard Chartered Saadiq


The word Saadiq means 'truthful' in Arabic.

It also represents our commitment to provide you with innovative banking services that help you uphold your beliefs.

We've been providing Islamic banking products and services based on Shariah principles since 1993 in Malaysia and since 2003 in the UAE, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We're aiming to make Standard Chartered Saadiq recognised as the leading global provider of Islamic banking. Our global banking network already covers 50% of the Muslim world.

Shariah-compliant banking services

Our dedicated Islamic banking team combines Shariah expertise with strong business acumen to offer you the best in Islamic financial services.

We provide comprehensive international banking services and a wide range of Shariah-compliant financial products based on Islamic values.

Our strong network across Asia, Africa and the Middle East allows us to offer our Islamic banking products and services in many of our core markets. 

What’s next?

Islamic Personal Banking

Choose from a wide range of best-in-class products that comply with the principles of Shariah.

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Islamic Priority Banking

We provide world class banking services in line with your Islamic principles.

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Islamic Business Banking

We can help you build your business while respecting your beliefs.

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