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According to the Standard Chartered offshore RMB corporate survey conducted in March 2013, 79% of corporates surveyed currently use at least one renminbi product, and expect to broaden this to three or more products in the next six months.

Whether you're an investor, a corporate or a financial institution, we offer a wide range of onshore and offshore renminbi solutions to help you make the most of the currency.


Capital Marketsshow/hide

If you would like to issue offshore renminbi denominated bonds (also known as Dim Sum Bonds), we can help.

We'll arrange and manage the entire process to ensure you benefit from efficient cross-border remittance of funds.  Local and foreign corporates, financial institutions and central banks have all relied on our expertise and capabilities to successfully issue offshore renminbi bonds.

Cash and Liquidity Managementshow/hide

Standard Chartered offers a full suite of renminbi cash management services, including clearing, payments, account management and liquidity management. We can also help corporates with cross-border intercompany renminbi lending.

We're also the top foreign bank in China for providing nostro clearing services 1. You can benefit from our local knowledge and ability to serve you in your own time zone.

Based on RMB nostro account population in October 2012, People's Bank of China

Derivatives Hedging and Structured Solutionsshow/hide

From vanilla currency options and cross-currency swaps to bespoke hedging and funding solutions, we offer a full suite of derivatives in offshore renminbi.

Standard Chartered is a major market maker and liquidity provider in the over-the-counter (OTC) interbank markets.

Fixed Incomeshow/hide

Standard Chartered provides both onshore and offshore renminbi swaps to help you manage your onshore or offshore interest rate risk.

We participate in the China interbank bond market, enabling you to capture higher yields, diversify your portfolio and manage liquidity more effectively.

Foreign Exchangeshow/hide

As an authorised institution, we can help you access China’s mainland FX market by squaring trade-related spot FX position with a clearing bank or agent bank in mainland China

We also square non-trade-related spot FX position in the offshore renminbi interbank market, and can help you hedge your renminbi exposure.

Investor Solutionsshow/hide

Standard Chartered provides a wide range of investor products on top of deposit, cash management and offshore renminbi bonds. We offer offshore renminbi-denominated structured investments linked to FX, rates, commodities, credit and equity derivatives

We were also the first to offer offshore renminbi-denominated structured investments in Hong Kong linked to the euro and gold.

Loans and Depositsshow/hide

Standard Chartered offers loan and deposit facilities to corporate and financial institutions with offshore renminbi accounts. You can view offshore renminbi loans and deposit reference rates via Standard Chartered on Reuters SCBHK04.

Opening an accountshow/hide

    If you are a corporate or financial institution outside China, you can now open an offshore renminbi account at any of our branches internationally, including Hong Kong.

  • Depending on your requirements, you can also open an onshore renminbi non-resident account in China at any Standard Chartered branch in mainland China.
Trade Settlement and Financingshow/hide

Our extensive infrastructure enables you to settle trades in renminbi with companies across mainland China – all from a single renminbi account with Standard Chartered China.

If you are a corporate doing business with China, you could realise cost savings of 2-3% over foreign exchange and interest rate risks by settling in renminbi.  You will also gain access to a wider range of Chinese customers and suppliers.

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