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Strengthen partnerships with your suppliers and distributors

The market is evolving – from advances in technology to a growth in commercial services – trade is being optimised for the better. But how could this affect your company, growth and supply chain?

We see more corporates starting their digital journey – automating their procurement and sales, shifting away from paper-based processes. We are investing heavily in new technologies such as blockchain, cloud-based supply chain platforms, AI analytics and automated technologies as they become more and more prevalent in the industry – rapidly changing the physical and financial supply chain landscape.

Suppliers and distributors are facing working capital challenges in today's highly competitive market – most suppliers need liquidity early in the procurement cycle and distributors need funding to grow their businesses. By giving partners access to affordable working capital, we are helping to strengthen the relationships between suppliers and distributors which will help improve your supply chain performance.

What can we offer your business?

From upstream to downstream, discover how we can ensure the stability of your supply chain and grow your distribution network

Supplier financing

We have developed a financing solution that can cover the end-to-end flows of supply chains. By enabling businesses to support suppliers from the submission of the Purchase Order to the acceptance of the sales invoice, suppliers can access cost-effective funding earlier in the procurement process.

This will provide suppliers with the liquidity to purchase the raw materials to fulfil orders. They no longer have to rely on traditional bilateral funding, which could be unavailable, too expensive, or collateral-heavy for them; that's why we are here – to provide a reliable option to suppliers to access liquidity.

Distributor finance

Distributor Finance is a specialised solution within the ever-growing Supply Chain Financing space. This brings steady and assured funds to the entire ecosystem of buyers of large scale manufacturers, which are typically small and medium-sized enterprises.

By providing competitive financing to the distribution network, distributors will be able to grow their business. When their business grows, this will help the producer's business to gain market share and improve your competitive value.


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Distributor Financing brochure

Grow your distributor network with customised funding solutions

Supplier Financing brochure

Fully digitised solution from pre-shipment to the payment

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A battle for the best supply chain

Is your supply chain fit to manage the demands it faces today? And is it flexible enough to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow? If not, your business is at risk of losing customer relevance and market share.

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