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Grow and protect your wealth

With your vision for ‘Today, Tomorrow, and Forever’ and our 160+ years of experience, we can help you plan and manage your wealth to bring your financial goals to life.

Our approach to wealth

Your wealth needs today will differ from your wealth needs in the future. Our ‘Today, Tomorrow and Forever’ wealth management and investment planning framework manages your portfolio to meet your near term needs, plus grow and protect your wealth for the decades ahead.

SC Wealth - Today


is about the now and ensuring you have the means to meet your near term needs and lifestyle.

SC Wealth - Tomorrow


is about your future and growing your wealth to meet your longer term needs and financial goals.

SC Wealth - Forever


is your legacy to improve the lives of your family members and the generations to come.

Five Wealth Principles

How you manage, grow and protect your wealth is important. Our five guiding principles ensure your investment plan stay robust and consistent throughout your wealth journey.



Discipline helps maintain consistency in your investment decisions.


Diversification ensures you manage and reduce risk in your portfolios.


Time in the market ensures a long-term view and consistent returns.


Risk and return ensures the risk is worth the return for your investments.


Protection ensures you are protected against unexpected events.

Five-step process

Our investment advisors follow an ongoing five-step advisory process as they guide you through your wealth journey.


SC Wealth Select can help grow, manage and protect your wealth.


Understand your needs, preferences and financial goals better.


Design diversified portfolios tailored to your needs.


Put your portfolio into action seamlessly and efficiently.


Monitor & review
Regularly review and rebalance your portfolio.

Our approach to managing wealth


Wealth advice made to matter

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Grow and manage your wealth for yourself, your family and beyond

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Guiding principles to manage, grow and protect your wealth

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Portfolio approach

Our portfolio approach improves your potential of achieving your wealth goals

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