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Our International Graduate (IG) Programme is the platform for you to hone your technical knowledge. You will learn the skills and gain the experience you need to become an expert in one of our dynamic global businesses.

We hire graduates in 29 countries and our programme is defined by the international opportunities it offers. We hold our five-week International Induction Programme in Shanghai and offer international rotations and training to enhance learning opportunities for graduates from across the emerging markets.

We offer five different streams you can apply for in the IG programme. Each stream is focused on a particular area of the Bank, allowing you to build your expertise, your network and develop specialist skills. Within your stream you have the opportunity to explore your strengths, what you love doing and use the first year of rotations and training to determine where you will have the biggest impact.

Our programme is designed to set you up for success in you first full time role. You might take a job in one of our local, regional or global teams. You might find an amazing role in your home country or want to be one of the 50% of graduates whose first role with the Bank includes an international move. 

What you do and where you go is up to you.

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