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    Digital transformation

    This series explores digitalisation trends to build resilience, efficiency and achieve transformative growth

Podcast: Has blockchain finally transformed global trade?

In this podcast, Zelda Anthony, Executive Director DLT Strategy and Execution, and Samuel Mathew, Global Head of Documentary Trade for Transaction Banking at Standard Chartered share insights into the practical implementations of blockchain in trade, its biggest benefits to clients and what more can it do.

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Techtonics is a thought-provoking new video series by Standard Chartered that explores innovation, convergence and emerging trends in the tech ecosystem.

From spotlighting leading technology hubs to analysing the latest advances in artificial intelligence, embedded finance and blockchain, Standard Chartered dives into the leading technology trends that are shaping the future to help businesses identify opportunities that have the potential to create transformative growth.

Understanding New Growth Areas: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in India

Cat Rust speaks to Amrit Acharya, Founder and CEO of Indian unicorn Zetwerk, about the growth of his company, the challenges entrepreneurs face, and innovating in India.

Understanding New Growth Areas: Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area

In this episode, we head to Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, a megalopolis that spans nine cities in the Pearl River Delta region, which has been dubbed the next Silicon Valley. Our host Cat Rüst sits down with Anthony Lin, CEO of the Greater Bay Area at Standard Chartered, and Billy Wang, Founder & CEO of Xingyun Group, to discuss how entrepreneurs and businesses are leveraging the technology hub to kickstart their global ambitions.

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