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  • Islamic banking disclaimer


Standard Chartered Bank considers as Shariah-compliant a product or service if (i) it has been approved as such by one of its Shariah Supervisory Committees, in the case of Saadiq proprietary products and services or if (ii) it has been approved as such by the Shariah supervisory committee of its originator in the case of products (such as sukuks and mutual funds) originated by third parties.  In some of the jurisdictions in which our products or services are offered, these are also subject to the additional approval of a governmental Shariah authority. Notwithstanding that, Standard Chartered Bank encourages its customers to make their own investigation into and satisfy themselves as to the Shariah compliance of such products and services and to undertake in our contractual documentation that they will not claim any dispute on the grounds of Shariah compliance or otherwise of such products and services

Product Offering

Standard Chartered Bank offers both Shariah-compliant products and services and conventional product and services to our Retail, Private Banking and Wealth customers. Customers are individually responsible for choosing the products and services most suited to their religious and ethical beliefs.