Frequently Asked Questions - General


How can I find out more about Standard Chartered Bank?show/hide

You can find out more on Standard Chartered Bank's business, history, and values under the About Us section.

Where can I get shareholder information?show/hide

Share price, results, reports and dividend information are available in our Shareholder Resource Centre.

Who can I contact about private banking services?show/hide

Call our Private Banking global headquarters in Singapore on (+65) 6376 2000. Alternatively, visit our Private Banking website and complete our contact form, and one of our private bankers will contact you.

Do you offer Islamic banking services?show/hide

Yes, our award-winning Saadiq Islamic banking services combine Shariah expertise with strong business acumen to offer our customers the best of both worlds. For more information on our Shariah-compliant products, visit our Saadiq Islamic Banking website.

What is your approach to sustainability?show/hide

We focus strongly on managing our core banking practices responsibly. We are an industry leader in setting out our sustainability commitments. Read more about our sustainability priorities.