Frequently Asked Questions - Dividend Information

When are dividends paid?show/hide

We usually pay our dividends in May and October. Details of the exact dates each year are sent to shareholders nearer the time and posted on our website.

In what currencies do you pay cash dividends?show/hide

We offer a choice of sterling, Hong Kong dollars or US dollars. If you're on the Hong Kong Register, the default currency is Hong Kong dollars.

Why do you not offer to pay dividends in euros?show/hide

We regularly review our dividend policy and believe that the currencies in which we currently pay cash dividends are the ones that best suit the needs of our shareholders.

Can I take my dividends as a combination of currencies and shares?show/hide

Yes, you can choose to receive part of each dividend in one of the currency options, and the rest in shares. We regularly review the combination of currencies and shares offered to our shareholders.

Can my dividends be paid directly into my bank account?show/hide

Yes. If you want your cash dividend to be paid in sterling, we can only pay it into a UK bank account. Similarly, if you want your cash dividend to be paid in US dollars or Hong Kong dollars, it can only be paid into a bank account held within that country.

Do you offer a scrip or share dividend as well as a cash dividend? show/hide

To date, we have offered a share dividend as an alternative to a cash dividend. Details of recent cash and share dividend offers can be found on the Dividend Information Page.

How do you calculate the price of a new share under the share dividend offer?show/hide

We calculate it by taking the average of our closing share prices on the London Stock Exchange for the five dealing days from when the Company's shares were first quoted ex-dividend. The average share price is then converted from sterling into US dollars using the US dollar/sterling exchange rate quoted by Standard Chartered Bank on the fifth dealing day.

Using this calculation period means we can tell you in your election form both the offer price of the new shares as well as the number of new shares you'll be entitled to receive instead of the cash dividend.

How does the share dividend facility work? show/hide

As a shareholder you can elect to receive new shares instead of cash dividends. Full details of cash and share dividend arrangements, together with the necessary election forms, are sent out well in advance of the final and interim payment dates.

What do I do if I have not received my dividend document and election form? show/hide

Please contact our registrars' helpline on 0870 702 0138 between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Can overseas shareholders elect to take the share dividend?show/hide

Generally yes, providing our invitation to take the share dividend option can be made where you live without us having to meet any legal or registration requirements.

Fewer companies are offering share dividends. Why do you continue to offer this option?show/hide

We regularly review our dividend policy and at the moment we still think it's appropriate to offer shareholders share dividends as an alternative to cash dividends.

Can I receive my dividend circular in another format?show/hide

Yes, an audio version is available on audiocassette or CD. If you want an audio version, please contact our registrars with your full name and postal address, specifying whether you would like an audiocassette or CD.

If I have any queries about the dividend arrangements or completing the forms, how can I contact your Registrars?show/hide

Standard Chartered's Registrars are Computershare Investor Services PLC. You can contact them by calling the registrars' helpline on 0870 702 0138 between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.