Determining my future: Lucas’ story

Events in Lucas’ life have had a profound effect on who he is as a person


I would say there have been three key events that have had a profound affect in my life.

The first was losing my father when I was only 10-years-old.  He died very suddenly and it has always served a warning to me to take good care of myself.  I make sure I take regular exercise and have a good diet. Luckily the ability to work flexible gives me the time I need to get to the gym or a pilates class.  After my father’s passing, my mother worked hard to provide for us and ensure we had a good education. She is fearless and an inspirational role model.

The second event was starting university.  It opened my eyes to the world and showed me what was possible.  It made me realise that I have desire to make an impact – whether that’s through the organisation I work for or helping the community where I live.

Finally, the third event was joining Standard Chartered.  I’ve made real friends for life and grown not only professionally but also as a person.  As well as growing my career with roles both here in Brazil and New York, I’ve been taught key life skills such as how to get across my point of view effectively and how best to present myself. I am an out-going and naturally curious person who revels in being part of a close-knit team.  Plus with my three volunteer days that all the employees are afforded each year, I get to volunteer at a local eye hospital that offers free eye tests and glasses for children from impoverished backgrounds. I help them with any administration they need and in fact, I work here beyond the three days as it makes me feel good to contribute as much time as I can.

I’m still young and my life’s journey is only just starting.  I wonder where it will take me and what kind of person I’ll become.

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