Training the trainer in China

China HIV training

We believe education is key to dispelling HIV and AIDS myths, and is essential to reduce the spread of infection.

To address the need for more education, our staff volunteers - our HIV Champions - hold interactive workshops across a variety of locations which cover the basic facts about the virus.

HIV champions in China

In June, our HIV Champions in China conducted a half-day education and training session for over 40 employees including top senior managers.

Participants also met with and listened to a personal account from someone living with HIV through the Marie Stopes organisation, which was moving for all involved. ‘Living with HIV is very abstract and easier said than done.  I am touched by the HIV positive person who courageously shared the personal experience in the session, demonstrating that one can really Live with HIV’, Choi Jungkiu (Head of Consumer Banking China).

What’s next?

Raising awareness in Kenya

Safe behaviour can prevent someone from being infected or infecting someone else.

About the session

Bust the HIV myths

Education is key to reducing the number of new infections. Do you know the facts?

Get smart about HIV

Teaching in Chiang Mai

Our staff visited a rural school to educate 130 students on the basics of HIV and AIDS.

Why education is key

Improving awareness

Living with HIV

Our programme aims to tackle the spread of HIV through education.


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