Giving a family their independence back

Jainab and Abal

Like almost 30 per cent of people living in the slums of Dhaka in Bangladesh, Jainab and her husband Abal cannot afford eye-care.

Deteriorating eye sight meant they had to give up their jobs selling vegetables at the local market and their children had to support them.

While at their local mosque, Abal heard about a camp that provides free eye-screenings and consultations. After visiting the clinic, both were diagnosed with bilateral cataracts. They were sent to the Islamia Eye Hospital, where they received successful surgeries at no cost. They can now see and enjoy an independent life together.

Our commitment

We're committed to improving access to eye-care for those that need it. By 2020, we aim to raise USD100 million through Seeing is Believing, our global initiative to eliminate avoidable blindness.

We aim to help more people like Jainab and Abal. The Dhaka Urban Eye Care Programme, run by Sightsavers, is one of many clinics we fund through Seeing is Believing.

What’s next?

Helping others to see

We want to raise USD100mn to help tackle avoidable blindness in some of our poorest communities.

About our programme

Here for good

It’s about sticking by our clients and customers, and always trying to do the right thing.

How we're Here for good

Seeing is Believing

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With an ambitious target to raise USD100mn by 2020, we’re committed to help eliminate avoidable blindness.


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