School shoes

We’re focusing on education in disadvantaged communities by trying to increase the attendance of young children in schools.

Staff with schoolchildren in Africa

Children in Africa can walk up to three hours each way just to get to school, with many of them going barefoot. 

To help address the need for shoes, our staff in Johannesburg  have developed the ‘Pic & shoe’ challenge, where shoes are donated to children as a reward and incentive to go to school.

Why shoes?

Shoes are a symbol of pride in Africa, and can give confidence to children knowing that they can walk to school in comfort.

Real results

Over 100 pairs of shoes have been donated so far to schools such as the Moriting Primary School in Soweto, and we’re planning on another 100 in the coming months.

What’s next?

Employee volunteering

We believe that volunteering is good for communities, employees and our business.

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Africa is growing fast

Africa is growing fast

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