Our impact in Indonesia

Although we have a small presence in Indonesia, we have a deep history there, with our first office established in 1863.


Our presence in Indonesia

Although our presence in the country is relatively small compared with its population and size, we have one of the longest histories of any bank operating in Indonesia.

Our impact

  • Through direct, indirect and induced impacts, we generated a total of 1,029,000 jobs in the Indonesian economy in 2009 - that's 0.9% of Indonesia's entire workforce
  • We supported 0.8% of Indonesia's GDP in 2009, mostly through our bank financing schemes
  • We provide financing to support Indonesian trade, to help connect Indonesia with world markets: in 2009 we processed over 38,000 trade transactions, valued at USD9.8 billion
  • We support efforts to build sustainable business in Indonesia, committing to environmental targets and implementing stringent measures to tackle financial crime.

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What next?

We're aiming to create long term value for our shareholders, to support our clients and make a positive contribution to the broader community.

The findings of this study also provided us with ideas for how to stimulate sustainable economic development going forward.

For example, the report highlights ways in which we can work more effectively with corporate borrowers to help them strengthen their competitiveness in world markets. Our corporate financing reaches a wide range of sectors in the Indonesian economy, helping to facilitate imports and exports, and indirectly impacting areas of the Indonesian market we wouldn't otherwise have access to.

By offering trade finance and services that support Indonesian companies, as they seek to explore foreign markets, we can help support and promote economic growth.

About our report

We commissioned this report to gain an understanding of our economic impact in Indonesia. It's part of a series of studies that have been commissioned to help us understand how our presence in specific markets has had an impact on their economies.

We hope that its findings will help to inform our future strategy, both in Indonesia and elsewhere.

What’s next?

Our impact

We've commissioned a series of independent reports to measure our social and economic impact.

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Our strategy

We aspire to be the world's leading international bank, across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

About our strategy

Here for good

It’s about sticking by our clients and customers, and always trying to do the right thing.

How we're Here for good

Our Indonesia report

Download our Indonesia report

Get the facts and figures on the impact our presence has had on Indonesia's economy.


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