Financing Products

Standard Chartered Saadiq can help you build your business further with our Syariah-compliant financing products. We offer an array of products from working capital financing to asset acquisition to suit your business needs. Sound working capital management will ensure your business enjoys better liquidity in order to operate more effectively and efficiently.



Leasing-i is a financing arrangement where the asset is sold to you at an agreed value upon maturity. You can choose from a fixed or floating rate financing, and the assets can be pre-owned by you or purchased directly from the vendor with an easy periodical instalment of monthly or quarterly.

CMF-i (Revolving)

We provide financing based on the Murabahah concept for your working capital. CMF-i (Revolving) financing is based on globally accepted Islamic concepts. The difference between the purchase and sale price is the bank's profit portion. We offer tenures from 1-6 months.

CMF-i (Term)

CMF-i (Term) is a financing product based on globally accepted Islamic concepts. This product features a fixed rate financing for tenures of more than 1 year. Repayment instalments can be paid either on a monthly or quarterly basis, to help you better manage your cash flow.


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