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Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

With Standard Chartered Private Bank, you can take advantage of our extensive range of investment solutions to enhance your portfolio returns. Plus, benefit from our expertise in some of the most dynamic markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and our access to exceptional investment opportunities.

Our open architecture investment approach gives you access to some of the best financial managers in the world. And our investment specialists will work with you to make these best-in-class solutions the best fit for you.

Cash and cash equivalents

We have a range of cash solutions that offer you flexibility, liquidity and attractive interest rates. Through our network, you'll not only have access to traditional balance sheet term deposits in major currencies, such as the US dollar, Pound Sterling, Hong Kong dollar and Singapore dollar, you'll also have access to offshore Renminbi and a variety of African currencies.

In addition, we provide specialised solutions, such as our Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) Deposit for non-resident Indian clients. So you can meet short to medium term goals and ensure your money is working hard for you.

Premium currency investments

Our premium currency investments offer you a wide choice of currency pairs, including all major currencies, and can be tailored to meet different objectives - currency management, yield enhancement or hedging.

Equity-linked investments

The equity-linked investments offered by Standard Chartered Private Bank give you the opportunity to earn a greater return than a conventional fixed term deposit.

Structured products

We offer a wide choice of structured products across all major asset classes including, interest rates, foreign exchange, credit, commodities, alternative investments, equities and funds.

Our Private Bankers can help select structured products that are appropriate for your particular requirements and investment needs.

Mutual and hedge funds

Selecting the right funds requires an understanding of your own financial goals and the expertise to match quality funds to meet those goals.

Our professional investment team handles all the hard work of fund evaluation to provide you with a selection of quality funds. Your Private Banker then helps you select the funds that best meet your needs.

Trading services

We offer self-directed trading for a range of products – foreign exchange, interest rates, derivatives, bonds and equities. Our trading centres in Singapore, London and Hong Kong provide efficient trade execution, competitive pricing and round-the-clock market coverage.

Our award-winning foreign exchange solutions give you access to over 100 emerging markets and major currencies 24 hours a day. With direct access to our trading desks, specialist expertise from our corporate banking teams and regular market updates, you’ll have the support you need to capitalise on market opportunities.

Managed futures

With Standard Chartered Private Bank, you have access to trend following strategy investing in over 140 different markets. Our managers invest in commodities, currencies, rates, bonds and equity indices through long and short positions using mainly futures and forwards.

Collateralised trading programme

Our self-directed trading programme lets you trade on an extensive array of foreign exchange currencies, equities and select precious metals. Our multilingual product specialists based in Singapore provide 24-hour service during the workweek. With their expertise on your side, you’ll be able to capitalise when the market moves in line with your positions.

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