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Making sure your wealth is protected and managed so it benefits you and those most important to you is just as crucial as growing it. Standard Chartered Private Bank offers a range of trust and fiduciary services, insurance and philanthropy solutions to help you create and manage the precise structure that offers you and your beneficiaries the maximum benefits.

Enhance Your Wealth
Trust and fiduciary services
  • Trust and Fiduciary Services

  • Our comprehensive Trust and Fiduciary Services help you preserve, grow and distribute your wealth the way you want – both during your lifetime and the lifetimes of those important to you.
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  • Insurance

  • Our insurance solutions help preserve your assets and allow your heirs to have more timely access to their estate.
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We believe that with wealth comes responsibility and would like to partner with you in your philanthropic efforts.

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October 2nd 2014

The Shellshock (or Bash Bug) vulnerability has recently been discovered by IT security researchers. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to gain control over an affected machine, access confidential information and perform unauthorised activities. The Bank has carried out investigations and found no vulnerability in our systems. We will continue to monitor our systems and the external environment to take necessary action if a threat is detected