Account Features

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Get attractive profit rates from your Saadiq e-Savers account and watch your savings grow.

device online banking

Manage your money easily with our award-winning Online Banking platform.

money capital appreciation

Profit will be accrued on monthly average balance maintained in customer account.

global worldwide access

Access to your savings through our world class digital channels: ATM, Deposit Machines, debit card, internet banking, e-statement & Client Care Centre.

book free chequebook

A 25-leaf “Account Payee Only” cheque book is available with your Saadiq e-savers account.


  • Bangladeshi citizen

Age requirement

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Below 18 Account will be opened with legal guardian as an authorized signatory; it will be treated as a Minor account

Mandatory documents for all

  • Copy of valid Photo ID for Applicant & Nominee (such as Passport / National ID / Driving License etc)
  • Photograph of the applicant duly attested by the introducer
  • Photograph of the nominee duly attested by the applicant
  • Copy of e-TIN Certificate
  • Resident address verification document (eg. Utility Bill,b) Income Tax Assessment Notice – latest tax year, etc.)

Supporting Documents for Occupation & Source of Income


  • Pay Slip/ Appointment letter/ Employment contract/ Salary Certificate/ Bank Statement reflecting salary/Tax Return Acknowledgment Receipt


  • Trade License, Partnership deed or Certificate of Incorporation or Memorandum of Association or Executive order establishing the entity/Deed of Trust


  • Company Bank Statement (at least one month for Proprietorship concerns, Partnership/PVT limited/Public limited business or Companies Audited Financial report/Annual returns/Tax Return Acknowledgment Receipt or Business/Trade agreements/ documents etc

*Please note that the Bank may ask for supporting documents if there is any additional need.

Yes, client can choose to open a term deposit account. The client’s account will be debited and the fund will flow to the new TD account.

Client will earn a profit on their balance. Profit is earned on average balance and credited quarterly.

Yes, client can open a joint Saadiq eSavers account.

Yes, by meeting the eligibility criteria  a client can become a Priority/Premium Banking customer.

Mudaraba is essentially a portfolio performance based arrangement wherein one party (Customer) provides funds while another party (Bank) invests those funds to earn profits to be shared between the two parties. Conceptually, the resulting profit from the venture is shared between the parties as per an agreed ratio while loss if any has to be borne solely by the investing party/parties.

Saadiq E Savers Account A unique savings account with our world class remote banking solutions in a Shariah compliant manner.


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