Idris’s story

Idris Alimi-Omidiora
Director, Strategic Projects, Treasury Capital, Group Treasury

I am British-Nigerian and I joined Standard Chartered in April 2013. I work in Treasury and lead advisory activities on Group corporate actions and strategic projects.

I am proud of my core values instilled in me from my parents and family – honesty, a heart of service for humanity, courage and innovation. I am also proud that I inspire friends and colleagues, and am a positive role model, offering different perspectives and credible insights to discussions.

When reflecting on my proudest achievements, I like to think the best is still unwritten, and I still have many more proud achievements and proud moments to look forward to. Thus far, personal achievements of which I am proud include getting married to my wonderful wife, and the occasions when I have helped to make a difference, for example, volunteering at the homeless shelter during my holiday at Christmas, and helping to deliver large complex projects at work in Treasury.

For me, black history month is usually a time to reflect and be reminded of the sacrifices of those who came before me and paved the way for a young black person like myself, by opening doors which were previously not accessible.

More recently, I have come to realise that those heroes are not limited to people that look like myself, but also include those who do not look like or identify the same as me (i.e. they might not be black, male or identify as straight), but have embraced diversity and are playing their part to promote racial equity, gender equity and diversity and inclusion in general. I see black history month as a time to celebrate diversity and be reminded that we all have a part to play to promote diversity. Looking to the future, it would be great to see organisations, government institutions etc. doing more to promote diversity and inclusion.