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COVID-19 Wealth insights

COVID-19 Wealth Insights

Market Watch Publications                                
27 July,2020     China market correction
21 July,2020     Recovery Fund: Gamechanger
12 June,2020    Second wave
June 1, 2020       The US responds on Hong Kong
May 4, 2020        A return of geopolitical risk
April 28, 2020      Oil – A roadmap to normalisation
April 23, 2020      Bonds – Opportunities and challenges
April 22, 2020      Oil plunge broadens
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Weekly Market View Publications
7 Aug,2020       Rising one-sided trades
24 Jul 2020       Is the USD breaking lower
17 July,2020     Looking beyond near-term risks
9 July,2020       A melt-up in China equities
3 July,2020       Time for Euro area, Asia to play catch-up
26 June,2020    Recovery meets virus roadblock
19 June,2020    Time to consolidate gains
12 June,2020    Is this the second wave
5 June,2020      Rally Broadens
May 29, 2020      Valuation conundrum
May 22, 2020      Green shoots
May 15, 2020      Second wave jitters
May 8, 2020        Watching economies re-open
April 30, 2020      Beyond the lockdowns
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Fund House Commentaries
May 12, 2020    Manulife India Equity Fund
April 21, 2020   AmBond
April 21, 2020   Principal Global Multi-Asset Income Fund
April 14, 2020    Affin Hwang World Series China A Opportunity Fund
April 14, 2020    Manulife Target Maturity Bond Fund
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Fund Commentaries Podcast


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