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    Banking as a service

    Redefining the banking experience for customers

    A white-label plug and play banking solution powered by Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered nexus

  • About Standard Chartered nexus

    We are a white-label plug and play Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution powered by Standard Chartered with a vision to redefine the banking experience for customers globally…

  • Our solution

    We’ve built a BaaS solution enabling digital ecosystems to embed financial services by leveraging Standard Chartered’s banking licenses and technology stack.

Let’s shape the future of banking together

Product Offerings

A tailored suite of financial products

We partner with digital platforms to offer a personalised suite of financial services unique to each partner ecosystem, ranging from current and savings accounts with debit cards to loans.

Fully customisable white-label solution

From value proposition to product naming, our white-label solution enables partners to fully customise our suite of financial products under their brand to suit their ecosystem.


We launched BukaTabungan, a digital banking service that provides access to financial products and services for Bukalapak’s ecosystem of more than 110 million users and 20 million business owners.  



Our partnership with tech and beauty platform Sociolla will focus on empowering 30 million female millennials across Indonesia with financial literacy and improved financial access. 


  • What “nexus” means for Standard Chartered

  • Standard Chartered partners with Bukalapak to launch digital banking solutions

  • nexus by Standard Chartered established partnership with Sociolla

  • Bukalapak and Standard Chartered launch BukaTabungan


What is Standard Chartered nexus

Standard Chartered nexus is a Banking-as-a-Service solution powered by Standard Chartered Bank. Through SC nexus, digital platforms and ecosystems like e-commerce, social media or ride hailing companies will be able to offer loans, credit cards, savings accounts and other financial products to their customers under their own brand name. Find out more about what we do here.

Why should third parties have a BaaS solution

We offer you a frictionless, seamless, and unique customer experience which enhances the value proposition to your business. By embedding financial products, you can build a brand new business model that creates interesting commercial opportunities and customer journeys, thereby enhancing branding and customer loyalty. 

Is Standard Chartered nexus a B2B solution

We consider ourselves a B2B2C solution. We provide our partners the capability to offer banking products for your end consumers.

What banking products are available

At the moment, we can issue current and savings accounts with debit cards, and credit facilities such as revolving credit, conversion of purchases to instalments and personal loans. 

We provide tailored financial products that best suit your ecosystem’s needs. To find out more about a customised solution, speak to our team:  

What costs do I have to incur as a partner? Capital?

The commercial agreement for each partner will be assessed and structured individually. Typically, a partner would incur costs associated with integrating with our APIs or building a companion app.   

Find out more:  

What do I have to do to get started?

Reach out to us at We’ll need to understand your current product offerings and the roadmap for product development.  

Can I decide on the product proposition and product name?

Yes! As a partner working with Standard Chartered nexus, and subject to applicable regulatory requirements, you have a huge say on the product value proposition, branding and product names.

Will I need to apply for a banking license on my own?

No. The financial products will be provided to consumers under Standard Chartered’s banking license in the market we are launching in. There is no transference of the license to you, nor will you need to apply for a banking license.  

Can this solution be embedded into my current app? Or be part of my current ecosystem?

The SC nexus team is able to provide different working solutions – depending on the exact integration approach, an embedded solution within your current app can be explored.

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In which markets/countries can I use your BaaS solution?

We can explore possible solutions for your business. Currently, Standard Chartered has a retail presence in over 30 markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.   

Will the products and services be Standard Chartered products and services?

The products we’re offering are intended to be unique and specific to each partner to specifically cater to the partner’s needs. Where required, and if permitted by applicable regulations, we can tweak Standard Chartered products and services to avoid duplicating product value propositions that are already on the market. 

The product value propositions will be co-created and validated with rigorous market research and testing to determine the product-market fit.  

Find out more:  

Are there any basic requirements for my company to employ these solutions?

Ideally, your company would have an existing app solution that your end customers can access.  

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What partners are you looking for?

We look for strategic partners who are aligned with our vision to redefine the banking experience for customers globally. Standard Chartered will target markets within its retail footprint of Asia, Africa and the Middle East where there are large and established platform players and enabled by the appropriate regulatory frameworks in place.  

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