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Liquidity management

Helping you make the most of your cash

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Visibility, control, and optimisation are unwavering liquidity needs. Yet demand for efficiency is escalating. With automation central to our solutions, we can help you achieve it all.

Determining the best liquidity approach for you

Achieving and maintaining your liquidity goals is an ongoing business challenge. One that becomes more problematic with multiple entities, currencies, and geographies. And as your treasury demands even more efficiencies, you need your cash to move faster than ever.

With our long-held global footprint – particularly across the world’s emerging and frontier markets – we can help you balance your needs across jurisdictions.

And with this unique reach comes unique opportunities. For example, with our follow-the-sun, against-the-sun and real-time cross-border sweeping solutions, you can make the most of your global cash across time zones.

We offer all the classic solutions of sweeping, notional pooling, and interest optimisation. Yet we know your product-parameter requirements sometimes stretch further. So for more complex needs, we can customise a mix of solutions, cut-off times and more to suit your exact operating requirements.

We also continue to invest heavily in ensuring automation across our solutions, for the speed you increasingly need.

  • Trust our experience

    Our specialist teams stand ready to help you achieve your liquidity management goals

  • Draw on our market knowledge

    Understand nuances across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while fortifying in Europe and the US

  • Maximise speed and efficiency

    Automate your account funding with solutions like just-in-time and multi-bank-direct-debit sweeping

Liquidity management solutions: Make the most of your cash

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Supporting your liquidity management goals

Improve visibility

It’s impossible to meet all your liquidity goals without global cash visibility.

Our liquidity management frontend, Straight2Bank Liquidity, gives you a bird’s-eye view. From individual account and transaction details to full oversight of your global structures, you can see it all in one place.

We provide real-time access to information on your sweeping and pooling structures. Plus, with the ability to simulate sweeping structures to estimate consolidated cash positions, you can take timely decisions and make the most of your cash.

Tighten control

Maintaining control over your cash is key to maximising its potential.

Achieve funding flexibility for your day-to-day payments with our pooling solutions, by sharing pooled balances across participating accounts. You can define how much of your balances are shared among individual participating accounts, for complete control.

And with self-serve options on Straight2Bank Liquidity – such as pausing and resuming sweeps and resetting intercompany interest rates – you have the flexibility to determine necessary changes, instantly.  

Optimise yield

Combining visibility and control gives you the best foundation to maximise your cash yield.

We offer various yield-enhancing solutions, such as global interest optimisation pooling and an electronic current-account-savings-account hybrid. We also offer true-end-of-day cross-border sweeping, multi-bank sweeping, just-in-time sweeping, cross-currency sweeping, multi-currency notional pooling and pool balance sharing – all designed to help you maximise yield.

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Powering businesses for a transformative and sustainable future

Whatever business challenges come your way, your need for smooth, successful transactions will be constant. Alongside continuing operational requirements, you’ll need to balance enduring targets with emerging ones – including sustainability and digitialisation aspirations.

By combining international-bank stability with local-market knowledge, we can support your transaction banking needs across the world. From cash management solutions to bolster your treasury to financing solutions to sustainably fund your supply chain, we have the solutions to help you prepare for future opportunities.