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Working capital management

Tailored for maximum balance sheet value

Discover our analytical approach and find your optimal strategy for your unique working capital needs

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Solving your working capital challenges

Your working capital needs are unique – so how you manage them should be too. Discover our analytical approach, and find your optimal strategy. 

Efficient working capital management underlines the health of any organisation. Without the right balance of payments, receivables, inventory and cash, liquidity can quickly become trapped – undermining the value of your balance sheet and hampering growth opportunities.

With the complexity of supply chains today, more and more businesses are facing liquidity challenges. We recognise increased layers of complexity around capital requirements across our footprint in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Yet the investment opportunities in these markets are abundant – if the liquidity can be accessed.

To find the optimal plan for your business, we apply a consultative and data-led approach, supported by our benchmarking tool. Following an initial analysis, we can subsequently provide solutions across payments, receivables, and supply chain finance that can optimise the value of your balance sheet.  

  • Discover your optimal strategy

    With our bespoke approach, we can determine a working capital plan to match your business’ needs

  • Plan ahead with precision

    Leaning on industry data, we facilitate accurate forecasting to maximise future balance sheet value 

  • Local expertise on a global scale

    We combine global-solutioning capabilities with local-market knowledge, for the best of both worlds 


Discover how our analytical approach can help solve your working capital challenges

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Powering businesses for a transformative and sustainable future

Whatever business challenges come your way, your need for smooth, successful transactions will be constant. Alongside continuing operational requirements, you’ll need to balance enduring targets with emerging ones – including sustainability and digitialisation aspirations.

By combining international-bank stability with local-market knowledge, we can support your transaction banking needs across the world. From cash management solutions to bolster your treasury to financing solutions to sustainably fund your supply chain, we have the solutions to help you prepare for future opportunities.