Jack Missin, United Kingdom: I can’t wait to run the Belt and Road

Jack Missin, from our London office, tells us what the Belt & Road Relay means to him

From 17 February eight of our staff will embark on a challenge never attempted before. They will make history by taking part in a 90-day Belt & Road Relay across 44 markets where we have a presence along the Belt & Road. Jack is representing our ‘Europe & Americas’ region.

I like meeting people
Hearing about people’s experiences and seeing things from their perspective really interests me.

I’m looking forward to running in Iraq 
It is not a country that I would ever naturally visit, so I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet people and see how we are supporting the Belt and Road initiative in the country.

I don’t shy away from challenges
Two years ago, I climbed Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia. I got really bad altitude sickness on the way up, but it was worth it to catch the sunrise and see the mountain cast a shadow that felt like hundreds of miles across the land.

I started out as a sprinter
It took roughly six years of intense training to reach my 100m personal best of 10.8 seconds. With races lasting only seconds, there is no chance to recover after a bad start or transition, so I had to keep training in snow, rain and ice to achieve my goal. When I finally managed to do it, it was a surreal moment.

These days I like going the distance
I decided to switch to long-distance to take on a new challenge. I ran my first marathon in Japan in 2012, and it almost crippled me. Recovering between each leg of the Belt & Road Relay will be key. I’ve been training since I was chosen to take part, and run a 9km route home from work most days as part of my preparation.

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